Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I Came, I Saw, I Traveled...OK Now Take Me Home

Well, well, well...hello old friends! Been dormant for the last few years, but...I'm reviving this thing, moreso as therapy for me, but I'd love for you to play along! Lord knows Im living the truth of the "no man is an island" adage.

So, I'm traveling. I left a job I loved in Dallas for the life of a nomad. I left security, for insecurity. The known for the unknown. Why?? I'm still figuring that out... My reasons for leaving my job and leaving Dallas were really some double edged swords. The things that were great were ironically enough, the things that were also debilitating. Honestly, I loved my job, loved what I did, and felt I was good at it. Turns out that can be a deadly combination for a singleton who was more than willing to find identity in work. As time went on, it took it's toll, and realized that it was hard to have any physical or emotional energy left at the end of the day to pour into other hobbies, friends, relationships that I wanted to. There just wasn't enough room. I thought about things and people and clients at work so much...there was no more room in the inn...no more space on the iceberg... Couple that with the dicey question of "Why are you in Dallas?" and I was in trouble. I was in Dallas because I never left. Yes, there are things I loved...and still, things I love (shoutout to my people), in Dallas, but those came later, after I was there. There was no draw to Dallas for me initially, and I've always thought life is too short not to live someplace beautiful. Maybe that's because I grew up in Midland, TX (google image that trash), but there are so many gorgeous places in the world to live in the proverbial armpit of any state. Ok fine, maybe Midland is like the knee pit or the elbow wenus or something, but you get what I'm saying. So...I decided to travel...out to see the world, out to try on new cities, out to free up some of "the clench" that got its claws into me for a second.

 WORK! What a dirty mistress! Don't get me wrong, work is good, but when did our culture become SO much about her? It's in our thoughts, our conversations, our identities, it affects our day, our mood, our security, our relationships...sometimes, and for many people, moreso than the things that should be filling up that space in our heads and our hearts. Life is about more. There is so much you miss with your nose to the grindstone. And we put the responsibility on ourselves...we make it seem like the world WILL end if we don't do this or finish that TODAY!! "I have to work late, I'm swamped here" all the while someone who loves you and wants part of you is back-burnered for the filthy mistress who tells you that everything and everyone else will just have to wait. ME FIRST!! The whore...

 Ok, now that that's over...hahaha man, I sound bitter!! Like I said, this is just therapy for me. Don't freak out, or mail me a 90 day supply of Zoloft just yet. I'll turn this around. So... packed, sold, and stored all my crap and took out for North Carolina! Landed outside of Charlotte, and had a great time. Hiking, biking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, the great outdoors, SO beautiful!!! What a great breath of fresh air!! I have a ton of stories from this time, but I'll have to save those for another day (it'll be a funnier post, I promise).

 What was I even talking about anyway...????... ... ... Let's just cut to the chase then...this post has rambled on and been hum drum enough (esp for the rekindling of the revolution). An unexpected set of circumstances lead me to take a job in Boone, NC (you know why is sounds like the Boonedocks? Because IT IS!!! Don't get me wrong, its gorgeous here...but I can get to work without going through a single stop light if that tells you anything) . Strolled into town, realized there are really just the two main streets in this town, and have setup shop here for the next 6 weeks. I am working at a skilled nursing facility--today was my first day--and despite my initial shock, horror, and just plain freak out...I think it's gonna be all right. :) First day antics included getting peed on, as well as a colossal toilet clog (caused by me but not by my bowels). Thank God for framily, is all I can say. You cats really pulled me through. Good friends following up, making contact, praying, sending flowers, and then of most notable mention is Momma Midge flying in, cape in the wind behind her, and chicken souped my soul. Humpty Dumpty is back on the wall...and the view is still lookin pretty good. More to come...


  1. Love this Kaylea Booth! Miss you and Amy every day at work, but so excited for you on this new journey!!!

  2. Reading this post is such an awesome example of why we all love you so much! Your perspective on life (and ability to express it with such humor and thoughtfulness) is truly a gift to the rest of us. I'm proud of you for taking such a big leap. I can't wait for our Skype date soon. Love you friend!

  3. This is great! Glad it's coming along!! Continue to keep us posted!