Saturday, August 28, 2010

0 Antics, 1 Shananigan, and LOTS of rambling...

"Ho! Ho! Ho! And a bottle of rum!" Hello again everyone! Right, right, I hear you....I've been a sheisty blogger--AWOL, MIA, and all those other military acronyms. Speaking of military acronyms, who here knew that "snafu" was spelled this way and is in fact, another military acronym?! All this time, I've been thinking it was "snafoo" with a definition that you could only find in something analagous to Booth's Abridged Book of Balderdash. But it's real...just like ligers.

I've been wondering when people read blogs if they read it in the voice of the author (since, generally, people only read the blogs of people they know), or if they put their own spin on it. It kind of makes me wish you could just do a voice recording or narration of your own blog because comedic timing is everything and storytelling is a talent. Who's with me??

Yesterday I was doing family training with one of my patients and we were practicing transfers. The patient is sitting at about chair height, and she is on her way back to her wheelchair. I have positioned myself squatting down in front of her, and her adoring husband watches intently from the sidelines. On her way back to her chair, she loses her balance and reaches for me to catch her. Well, I caught her alright, or better yet, she caught me: her hand landed right smack dab in the middle of my boob. I'm not talking accidental boob graze, I'm not talking she kinda sorta got it and it was a little awkward...I am talkin' I just got felt up in the middle of family training. I tried to breeze past it, and all things considered, I think I earned a Purple Heart in Professionalism, but my patient couldn't resist the urge to talk it out and tell other staff members who entered her room that she had just "fondled Kaylea's funbags." All in a days work, ladies and gentlemen.

Just to keep you posted on future shananigans, I have made a verbal agreement to do a 5k on a handcycle with a friend of mine who I lovingly refer to as "Hot Wheels." I'm pretty excited about it, despite the fact that this will be taking 'Weekend Warrior-dom" to a whole new level, not to mention that the likelihood of me coming out with some serious rotator cuff tendonitis seems inevitable. Who knew I'd turn out to be a such a wheelchair using wannabe? I am still very much enamored by the wheelchair using community, and I don't see my interest waning anytime in the foreseeable future. THOSE are the people who should be writing blogs!! I'll letcha know how it goes...

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  1. For the record... I toooootally read it in your voice!